Linux distribution chosen!

I had promised to post an update towards the end of January. I did not. However, even the casual reader may have noticed my recent posts related to Debian Wheezy. Those must have served as hints. So, Debian Wheezy it is! I have finally settled on Debian Wheezy with KDE.

Perhaps apt's mechanisms suit my thinking. yum is very powerful, yet the rpm family could not win me over. In fact, at one point, I went close to going back to Arch Linux. However, it is often too cutting-edge — even for a development system.

At the same time, GUI played a non-trivial role in my decision. It also explains why Ubuntu – with its Unity desktop – did not survive in my computer. I felt GNOME to be too restrictive. Some people think that KDE has too many knobs and switches; that it is daunting. Again, perhaps its mechanisms suit my thinking.

With the decision made, I have removed the ISO files of well over a dozen distributions and the VMware images of about half-a-dozen. Peace!

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